winter is approching

with winter coming, the days are getting colder and today is the is the frist real cold snap we have had.. having worked the weekend i have taken the day off. sitting inside a warm house while the weather turns bad is awesome , i am a cold weather person. i plan to spend the day with hot drinks and a book and listening to the rain on the roof .. in my pile of books i have a Robert Burns book of poems  , it is an old book and it is my favorite, it has an inscription inside dated 1910 and the copyright 1892…..

the wintry west extends his blast,

and hail and rain does blaw;

or the stormy north sends driving forth

the blind sleet and  snaw:

while , tumbling brown , the burn comes down,

and roars frae bank to brae;

and bird and beast in covert rest,

and pass the heartless day.

…….Robert Burns…..

a gift
given to…

One thought on “winter is approching

  1. Hey you!
    Going the opposite way to you so we are having some stonkingly beautiful days. Not properly hot yet though, though is sposed to get to 21 on Thursday.
    Have had hardly any rain at all lately – so different from Swansea with it’s torrential drizzle.
    Sounds like a lovely day you have had 🙂
    cheers m’dear

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