i have been a bit tardy this month with my blog , i’m still here ….. last week i was in Christchurch , over night , the devastation from the earthquakes was astounding .. we drove into a suburb at night ,on the way to our destination, and in the intire suburb there were no lights on and no one there…. the photos in the press don’t show the extent of the damage and don’t show the effect of the continual earthquakes on the people…… to stand on the edge of a city C.B.D. and see nothing moving , no people , no cars , cafe’s left as they were ,buildings in ruin .. the emotions you feel can not be shown in a photo………………….  its time to rebuild and bring the city back to life …………



many years ago , when i was in the UK  , i came across a painting by ron woods , from the rolling stones , i was impressed with his talent…. while i was looking through e-bay i found this ….

ron woods