a sad day in Georgia

another innocent man is put to death by a horrific justice system …….. STOP THE DEATH PENALTY



i had my first tramp this spring, i went up to shine falls . i have blogged about shine falls before  and it’s a good warm up tramp , a plesant walk in and this time i jogged out .. shine falls are at the north end of a reserve known as the inland island .. there is a 6 hour return tramp into the reserve; i was going to do it this weekend but the rain put a stop to that so i will have to post photos later

shine falls

my new life

well its been some time since my last blog and it’s my new life to blame.. with summer coming up i’ll be out and about so i’ll try to post a few blogs with the tramps i’ll be going on; as walking is my new obsession…

old life -- new life