the last act in new zealand

word press is giving me problems and not publishing all my photos , i may have something wrong with this computer who knows , this photo is my finished bike from my last blog and my last project in new zealand . on saturday i fly out to australia ( perth) for another adventure …. i’ll let you know how things go….

2 thoughts on “the last act in new zealand

  1. Hi there
    Where are you off to this time? Are you still using the same email address? Let me know cos I would like to catch up.
    Cheers m’dear and happy travelling.
    Will be thinking of you xx

    • jackie has got me a job in perth. i have got a new email adderss but the old one still works so drop me a line and i’ll give you my new one .some how in the change over i lost yours . ive not been blogging lately because my blog site has been giving me trouble ,i’ll try and sort this out in Oz while i’m hiding inside from the flys……. moving closer to the UK so i may be able to finaly get a winter christmas……

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