leap year 1960

while i was reminiscing about 1960 i found this………


52 years ago

i was born 52 years ago today . born in a time when chubby checker was doing the twist, ben-hur was number one at the box office, percy faith was topping the charts with the theme from “a summer place” and we were heading into space (some of us were already there , LSD was still legal)……..

going to the dogs

the start of the weekend i went down to the dog track , for a look  not a bet , there is something amazing about the greyhounds .. i only stopped for three races then off to a cafe for a coffee and read a book (dean koontz “breathless”) this was a good start to the weekend . saturday i ventured into town i walked down to a park at the river’s edge ,this was a place that i have not been to before ,  then along the river to the swan brewery .. i was cursing all the way  i had forgot my camera so photos will come next time.. i do have one of the dog track ……………….

market mayhem and a vegetable korma pie

only in australia would you be able to get a vegetable korma pie!!! this i got at the freo market , i should have got a photo but it was soooooo nice it was eaten before i had thought of the camera….saturday at freo market then on sunday my flatmate and her friend took me to a market,  i just don’t know where it was, it was a good size and had lots of good things to look at  ..then brunch and home by mid afternoon.

wharf/water and sheep’s head pie

i went down south to busselton for a drive and a look around .. busselton is 2 hours south of here ( as is the way in australia its a straight road) . i went to see if i like it and maybe move there. busselton is known for its wharf , 2 kilometres long, and beaches… it was impressive; i am now actively seeking work there.. long white sand beaches ,azure blue skies , cobalt blue seas and a wharf that is perfect to fish from.. this was just the beginning; southward down the coast get better .. i must find work down there and look around some more……  so where does the sheep’s head pie come into all this?  i was reading the book i was given for christmas (Londoner’s Larder by Annette Hope) and it mentions sheep’s head pie but does not give a recipe for it ,so i am looking for one and will take suggestions……..