two days off

i have been so much into my running that something had to suffer .. the camera has not been taken out for a walk lately but i have really enjoyed my daily jog.  i am improving every time i go out . i did get into town last weekend , there was a youth arts fair on and i brought a stone ( re photo) .. as i was wandering i came across some more street art  , the owl was cool …..


a run

i went for a run today around point peron this is a small hillock with WW2  battlements and bunkers . because i was running  i didn’t take my camrea ; i don’t have any photos .. i do have some more photos of buildings in perth .. i will take my camera , this week , to point peron ….

my new teapot

this is my new teapot … it is cast iron so it holds the heat …. looks cool…. if you are into tea you will know that a tea pot is a very important part of the process .. i have been looking for the perfect pot for many years , now i have found it…..

anyone for rabbit stew

it’s that time of the year, traditionally time for shooting rabbits in new zealand .. with   the easter bunny shoot and similar events the population is controlled , they were introduced to new zealand as food and for their fur , like most introduced species they have on natural enemy’s and are at plague proportions …………………………….