bonding with a python

fluffy and i




as i have said in my last blog i have moved..  in my new place we have a snake, fluffy is her name, she is a python and she eats rats . so if you are a rat lover you may not like these photos.. the rat is killed before fluffy get it as the rat may hurt her in the process..

a new nest , for a short time

with the exodus of workers from new zealand to australia, myself being one, expat new zealanders tend to help other new zealanders settle and get work.. in my case a close friend, my ex sister-in-law,  helped me get a job with the company she was working for and i stay with her as well.. now a family is coming over and need a place to stay, i have given up my room,  untill they can get work and accommodation .. i have moved to a room in my nephew’s house until such time as everything is settled.. all is well and my adventure continues…….