hillarys boat harbour

over the weekend i visited hillarys boat harbour just to sit in the sun and have a coffee.. there is an amazing boardwalk compleat with cafe’s and boutiques; and you can’t have a harbour without a shipwreck…..


pumpkin and bacon quiche, Robin Hobb, wild flowers and the wheat belt

it has been some time and a lot has happened, new job, new home and a new outlook on life..i have move closer to the city centre; and with this there are more things to see and do . i am spending more time on my motorbike riding into town  finding amazing cafe’s for lunch and a read, a lot easier on a motorbike, as well as seeing more of the country side around perth . one thing i have discovered there is plenty of country side to see . yesterday we rode into the wheat belt (7 hours ride)  for a look .

i now have a reserve at just up the road, this is a good place to go running as it is in the hills overlooking perth, awesome views of the city and at this time of the year the wild flowers are out….