a bean obsession

I have an obsession with beans, natures little good guys, and I’m always looking for new ways to cook them; finding good recipes can be difficult .. most books only deal with the usual baked or refried but this book has 100 recipes from “Lemon Coconut Chickpea Muffins” to “Sloppy Buffalo Beans”
This book “The Great Vegan Bean Book” by Kathy Hester is superb and has now become my new bible..



a ride through the wheat belt


I took my bike for a ride to Esperance; this took me through the wheat belt.. A seven hour ride; it was amazing to be on roads that were straight for 30+ kms.. Esperance is a coastal town with a port to transport wheat.. I spent two days there, Christmas and boxing day, being a tourist.. the bike went well and was a pleasure to ride






this country has some amazing birds and I have found myself drawn to them .. with to onset of hot dry weather I decided to supply the birds around here with some water ; it has been two weeks and I have not seen any birds at the water that I have supplied until today.. this a little magpie..


summertime christmas

in the southern hemisphere Christmas comes with the balmy weather; and in a city like Perth where night-time temperatures stay in the mid 20ies (Celsius) its like walking in warm soup.. town comes alive in a carnival atmosphere, shops stay open late, and one and all step out .. heathens, pagans and Christians alike sell there wares on the street .. God I love this city, so many different people and cultures and its not just in this city , 50 % of all Australians have one parent or themselves were not born in Australia .. it feels like you are making a new place .. I hope you are having as much fun leading into Christmas as I am…






I’ve been playing with charcoal and have enjoyed it as it is a soft medium and easy to apply.. this is my latest still life and I’m seeing improvement as I go. I will take a sketch pad and pencils from now on …