I was in a small town south of here working for a few days and during a break I went out to my car; on the side of my car was a spider about the size of the bottom of a coke can.. I called the other worker over , he is not a local ether, and as he took a photo the spider ran across the boot (trunk) of my car and then to my horror slipped into the boot (trunk) through the gap even though it was closed!!! not knowing what kind of spider if is I googled it and found it on a site naming the ten most deadliest spiders in Australia , but all is well, it is harmless ; its size tends to frighten people and they ether have a heart attack or if they are in a car drive off the road… I have since found out that this is there breading season and it may have young in the boot (trunk)of my car…. I’m happy knowing they wont bite me…


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