the dams

As the spring weather improves I have been getting out and about. There are lots of dams around Perth, these are catchment dams the city.. I find these are good places to hike, one of the past times I enjoyed in New Zealand, so with a tank full of gas I headed out into the hills . I had an awesome time,  saw lots of wildlife but they were far to quick for me to photograph.  I saw my first wedge tail eagle.. All ‘n’ all a great day…. DSC_0152DSC_0159DSC_0158


new shoes

As part of my injury management and recovery I have had some inserts made for my shoes, these shoes were the root cause of my injury, and I need to break them in.. Sunday was a wet day so no major walks,runs or rides were possible so I went site seeing out to the local dams, the idea was to get out and about in the fresh air and short walks in between rain showers; this would allow me to break in my inserts..  I didn’t get to wet and had an awesome time… DSC_0132DSC_0136


I have been fixated with Facebook of late at the expense of my blog I will try to remedy this..

I have started running  for recreation and this has taken over my life,  in a good way.. With a minor injury at the moment I have had to find other forms of exercise so I turned to cycling. This has improved my cardio and added verify into my program….