I am starting to enjoy my sketching as I get better.. this sketch of Megan Fox is now my favourite, I have looked at it for three days and I made a small adjustment today , I love it….



sketching paper

i need to find paper that will allow black as well white to stand out . I have used a 2B pencil to show just the shadow and a white pastel to accentuate the white but the white doesn’t stand out as I would have liked ….



I have decided that my adventure in Australia must come to an end .. I have no deadline yet as I have loose ends to tie up… I have started to pack as this is something that needs to be done and doesn’t affect life to much and can be left to lie when it gets too out of control.. tonight it got too much . so I turned to the sketch pad.. I like this, there are parts that I don’t like but I’ll keep picking away at it….


serendipity / life imitating art and Wayfarers

many years ago I was invited to a party in Masterton , it was the first meeting of the serendipity club , formed by Ros, and from that moment on serendipity has played a big part in my life.. and this is has become more apparent as I get older.. the night we made the pact we all chose a glass balball , which I still carry with me , and still hold in high regard.. while I was painting , I decided that I was unhappy with what I was painting so I took a paper towel and whipped the canvas down; and this gave me a smooth surface and has made the application of paint easer ..Serendipity..
my latest record is “building perfect beast” by don Henley and I love the line from “the boys of summer”…… “you got that hair slicked backed and those Wayfarers on, baby” … well I don’t have “ray ban Wayfarers” but the style continues today with “tommies” so here is my latest with my hair slicked back and my Tommies on…….. and the serendipity balball …. 012


lounge lizzard / cockatoos / infidels and a sketch

well I have been busy this week as I have entered a 12 km fun run a
so I’m in training .. as I went down the road for my nightly run , last evening, the black cockatoos came out ; as I ran down the road they flew from tree to tree just in front of me and as I came to a clearing they swooped down at me and then off into the distance.. they are so cool..
I have discovered I have a lounge lizard living with me , its a house gecko, I haven’t been able to get a photo of it yet but I found one on the net and as you can see from this photo they are the best thing to have around…
I have got a new record “infidels” by Bob Dylan .. I must be showing my age as I remember it coming out, I first got it on tape.. and while all this is going I tried my hand at I sketch..



sketching eyes

I seem to have a thing about sketching eyes .. what I have found; is as long as the eyes look realistic the focus is taken of the rest of the painting/drawing .. I seem to spend most of my time sketching eyes and this is my latest attempt …