back from melborne

i had a blast in Melbourne, lots of beers with an old friend.. got back last night and this morning i got a job .. all is well in this morporcs nest….

andy and i having a beer


melbourne for the weekend

i got laid off last week , i bit of a bummer, i was not happy there so all in all not so bad .. now i’m off to Melbourne for a week to see my mate Andy and have a beer .. i will look for work over there , i have already started looking on the net, there seems to be work that suits me.. photos to come… this is Andy and i last time i was there, man have i lost some weight since then…..

rockingham aka swinging pig

saturday night in rockie for the non pub goer can be an interesting night . the biggest obstacle is no daylight saving here ,darkness comes early and so too the morning,  night comes quick .. this saturday night i went to cheak out a fishing spot ( i’m going to try my hand at saltwater flyfishing; this will be another post) the wind was up as always, so it was just another walk along the beach .. with a steady and regular wind the kite boarders were out having fun …friendly people, a nice stroll and  a few photos ended the daylight hours .. off to the pub for a quiet beer……

here in WA

well i have arived in western australia, a little bit worse for wear and tear, but ready for an adventure.. i have already seen my first snake and had a frosty (cold beer) . i start work tomorrow and i hope it dosn’t get to hot 30+ .there is a swiming pool here so this should help…… photos to come


the other day my friend’s wife turned forty so it was hangi at the beach time … the weather turned it on , an awesome autumn day … standing around the hangi fire all rugged up with the smell of burning driftwood and a beer, can life get any better than this… with the hangi down it was off to stand around the brazier to drink butterscotch schnaps .. perfect…..and the party went well into the still autumn night ………………………….

the best brazier in the world
the hangi fire
rocks in the pit
watercress on the rocks
wet sacks.. the food is in trays , not open
time for a beer
party time
stoked up brazier


after the tramp on saturday we went to a hot pool to soak and ease the pain.. on sunday we were still a bit sore so we went to the beach then home to a quiet drink on the deck…….

drinky poos at dusk