a ride through the wheat belt


I took my bike for a ride to Esperance; this took me through the wheat belt.. A seven hour ride; it was amazing to be on roads that were straight for 30+ kms.. Esperance is a coastal town with a port to transport wheat.. I spent two days there, Christmas and boxing day, being a tourist.. the bike went well and was a pleasure to ride






old dog new trick

a day off yesterday so I went to find a sound system for my crash helmet .. everywhere I went all I heard was Bluetooth and I have not had anything to do with Bluetooth and didn’t want to know ; I’m an old dog and this trick seemed like to much hard work.. in the end I had to get it as there is nothing else available … it took me two minutes to connect; now I have phone/GPS and sounds……. 005

purple trees / camping and records

took my new ride out for an overnight camp.. it was an awesome night for a ride and I got to a camping spot well after dark , this is not recommended , I set up camp in the dark and woke up with some very friendly ants …. all”n”all an enjoyable night and a good ride home … after I returned I hit town and the record shops picked six more for my collection …

new ride

with the roads here being long and strait the motorbike I had before wasn’t up to the task so I traded it in for a bigger model .. I will not be going home (new Zealand) at Christmas ,this was another reason I traded up, instead I’ll head inland to Kalgoorlie then down to Esperance and follow the coast back to Perth ; about 2200 kms. that is why I need a touring bike. Kawasaki GTR1000010