purple trees / camping and records

took my new ride out for an overnight camp.. it was an awesome night for a ride and I got to a camping spot well after dark , this is not recommended , I set up camp in the dark and woke up with some very friendly ants …. all”n”all an enjoyable night and a good ride home … after I returned I hit town and the record shops picked six more for my collection …


fishing on my mind

it doesn’t take much for the mind to wander these days (winter) .. with an awesome weekend over easter i have been thinking about all the good fishing trips i have had , here are some photos..

morporc with a large brown(my pb).. west coast..
mike at londons ford. a very nice brown
tuck looking for fish in the hawkes bay
a result.. a rainbow
the best bloke to fish with , andy , at lottin point
a bucket full of water as a rod holder at lottin point
camp table at tora , such a wild place with awesome fishing
rods on the car at matakona

lake waikaremoana

i went to waikaremoana for a look and a fish.. i didn’t get any fish but the place was fantastic.. there are two large lakes and several small ones ..waikareiti is smaller than waikaremoana and 300 mts higher up ,  so it is a bit of a walk to get to it but well worth the effort… DOC rent out row boats on waikareiti ,so i took one for the day and had a ball…there is a small lake on an island on waikareiti , i rowed out to see it and take some  photos and here are some ……..

view from cabin
fishermans cabin
small lake on an island on waikareiti
track to waikareiti
row boat , waikareiti
lake waikareiti
aniwaniwa falls

emissions trading act

the emissions trading act comes into force today..  i’m am stunned to hear the Labour Party pouring scorn on it saying that it is talking money from us and will negate our tax cuts… how short is their memory? … it’s not that long ago that they , the Labour Party , used celebrities such as kisha castel-hughes and lucy lawless to promote their scheme that would take more money from our household budgets without the benefits of tax cuts.. what pissed me off at the time was these celebrities could afford the estimated $40 a week ! .. to rub salt into the wound at the time of the promotion castel-hughes flew over to france to an opening of a film she had acted in.. if she was that concerned she would not have flown half way around the would to see a film she had already seen…. everyone in power is dodging the important issue , where is the money that is being collected going ? no one seems to be telling us this..


slipped back into town last night about 9 pm… had a ball in auckland with bro. and now only 23 more days and i’ll be back there… visited some friends while i was up there as they were back from oz for a week ( jackie and aaron) all is well over there .. and i have some gear stored at jackies so while i was up there i moved it to bro’ place .. all my camping and fishing gear ..this will get used at christmas.. golf clubs as well….. i need to go camping…..the year before last we went to londons  ford and spent a week fishing and mucking around ..it was just the best… this year we will go to port waikato..

camping at tora

camping/fishing matakona

londons ford