census 2011


every 6 years we are told by the government that we have to fill out a census form or we will face criminal charges… i don’t like being told this so every 6 years i try to dodge it .. i just sign it , date it and hand it back .. name , rank and serial number… this goes down like a lead balloon with the volunteer dropping off and picking up the papers …. the volunteers insist that you fill out the entire form or face prosecution…. they have been trained to deal with people like me , but i am a stubborn bastard… they tell you that you have committed a criminal offence , if i am a criminal i have a right to remain silent and so it goes on like that….. in the end they take the papers and go.. there is a reason that i don’t like filling out these forms..  its information on me that business, members of the private sector , iwi etc can use to make money … they can make money by targeting people like me, the infomation defines a market for them without financal input … the taxpayer funds the census… if the infomation was only used by the government i may be inclined to fill out the forms…


a year of blogging

one year of blogging …………  here are the many faces of  morporc

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emissions trading act

the emissions trading act comes into force today..  i’m am stunned to hear the Labour Party pouring scorn on it saying that it is talking money from us and will negate our tax cuts… how short is their memory? … it’s not that long ago that they , the Labour Party , used celebrities such as kisha castel-hughes and lucy lawless to promote their scheme that would take more money from our household budgets without the benefits of tax cuts.. what pissed me off at the time was these celebrities could afford the estimated $40 a week ! .. to rub salt into the wound at the time of the promotion castel-hughes flew over to france to an opening of a film she had acted in.. if she was that concerned she would not have flown half way around the would to see a film she had already seen…. everyone in power is dodging the important issue , where is the money that is being collected going ? no one seems to be telling us this..

porn and the politician

the news is telling us nothing we don’t know .. a politician using tax payers money to watch porn. this is only one of the politicians in the spotlight ..what a difference a little power will do to an ordanary person ..like children in a lolly shop .. it was Lou Read that said in a song ” do we need another dirty politician caught with his pants down and money sticking in his hole ” how true it is .. the worst thing about what Lou was saying is he is talking about another country.. politician the world over are the same…..

kiwi rail

on the news tonight i see kiwi rail and the government do not want to make the new trains for Auckland here in new zealand.. it would appear that they , both the government and kiwi rail , would rather support the korean economy than our own … the $250 million project would only need an outlay of $8 million according to kiwi rail , they felt this was too much and we don’t have the skills therefore would be unable to build them… i think that the government-owned kiwi rail and the government have their heads collectively ensconced somewhere they should not be…. there is an old saying “you can’t see the forest for the trees “… where they have their heads you can’t see anything……  my advice to them is to remove their heads and show some sort of faith in the new zealand workers , these i might add are the same workers that are leaving new zealand in droves for work opportunities in australia.. if you can not trust us to do our job how can we trust you to do yours?


william payne , chairman of augusta national golf club , spoke today about tiger woods . he said

” it is not simply the degree of his conduct that is so egregious here ; it is the fact that he has disappointed all of us , and more importantly , our kids and grandkids.”

 he goes on to say

“our hero did not live up to the expectations of the role model we saw for our children” 

augusta national golf club , with its 300 members , do not allow women members..what expectations do they have for their children….

 is william payne and the augusta national golf club good role models for our children or is their attitude a disappointment to all of us…..

mining in new zealand

from the first moment that we wake everything that we do supports the mining industry from the alarm clock to the coffee pot , from  the back door key to the car we drive  , the roads we drive on to the desk we sit at , all are a product of mining  …. coal is the only way to heat the blast furnaces to make steel and without steel we cannot manufacture anything ..mining is the price we pay for all our comforts…if you strongly disagree with mining start and make the changes in your own home now , other wise you run the risk of being hypocritical……