the beginning

and so the weekend begins


breakfast in town

saturday morning i took the early train into town for breakfast , i needed to get in and out as quick as i could as the temperature was going to hit 35 C; far to hot for autumn. a pleasant  morning with an awesome book….


the other day my friend’s wife turned forty so it was hangi at the beach time … the weather turned it on , an awesome autumn day … standing around the hangi fire all rugged up with the smell of burning driftwood and a beer, can life get any better than this… with the hangi down it was off to stand around the brazier to drink butterscotch schnaps .. perfect…..and the party went well into the still autumn night ………………………….

the best brazier in the world
the hangi fire
rocks in the pit
watercress on the rocks
wet sacks.. the food is in trays , not open
time for a beer
party time
stoked up brazier



when i was on the net the other day looking at art i found a painting “la muse verte” by albert maignan .. i have drank absinthe but i don’t think it was my muse i think , on that night ,it was my downfall….. here is some of the art i found

la muse verte
la fee verte
the dark side of the drink

i liked this , i didn’t have a handle on it ether

irish cream


  christmas is coming so time to get the drinks together.. i make irish cream and it’s simple and cheep here is the recipe

cheep whiskey   : one cup

 sweetened condensed milk    : one cup

cream   : one cup

instant coffee : one tablespoon

vanilla essence   : a few drops

blend it all together.. chill and drink