52 years ago

i was born 52 years ago today . born in a time when chubby checker was doing the twist, ben-hur was number one at the box office, percy faith was topping the charts with the theme from “a summer place” and we were heading into space (some of us were already there , LSD was still legal)……..



I’ve been out of the loop lately and i have just heard liz has died… we haven’t seen much of her lately so i think i’ll hit the classic section in the video rental store ………….

a night out

on friday i decided to go to palmerston north for the night .. i had plans of hitting a few bars , seeing who was out and about , have a few beers and come home on saturday.. sounded like a good plan.. i took a motel close to the centre of town , cost a bit  but was walking distance from the bars , parked the car up .. after a quick shave and shower i was ready to go.. the plan was to go to the celtic bar and have a few pints of guinness then on from there.. to get to the celtic i had to go past the movie complex , i thought i would see what was on , Inception was on and i had just enough time to grab a burger and walk in  so i did.. what an awesome film ..its one of those films that you need to watch more than once , and it is one of those films that you can watch more than once.. i give it 5 stars.. so my weekend ended without any guinness but i’m sure i’ll get over that.. nothing like a night at the movies

emissions trading act

the emissions trading act comes into force today..  i’m am stunned to hear the Labour Party pouring scorn on it saying that it is talking money from us and will negate our tax cuts… how short is their memory? … it’s not that long ago that they , the Labour Party , used celebrities such as kisha castel-hughes and lucy lawless to promote their scheme that would take more money from our household budgets without the benefits of tax cuts.. what pissed me off at the time was these celebrities could afford the estimated $40 a week ! .. to rub salt into the wound at the time of the promotion castel-hughes flew over to france to an opening of a film she had acted in.. if she was that concerned she would not have flown half way around the would to see a film she had already seen…. everyone in power is dodging the important issue , where is the money that is being collected going ? no one seems to be telling us this..

the new car

took my new car for a drive down to the waiarapa over the weekend..  burned a few carbon credits but had a good time …. the car has made a instance impact on my life , having to get back home for work on sunday , i came back home from the waiarapa on saturday through palmerston north .. i stopped in palmerston north to visit a mate and found out that there is plenty of work down there , food for thought … on sunday the job i had to do only took 3 hours so i went fishing , didn’t catch anything as the river was up and dirty but had a good afternoon .. took the car to work this morning as it was raining , so good to get to work dry ………………………..

blast from the past

as there is still nothing worth watching on tv , i have been going through the back catalog in the video outlet.. the outlet i go to have a section of highly recommended , this is stocked by someone with completely different tastes than me , there are only a few that i would recommend so i rummage through the cheep sections .. tonight i watched a film called “the white countess” it was released 4 years ago and stars ralph fiennes and natasha richardson , i think her best performance …it is set in a turbulent china in the 1930’s and is a masterpiece …i have seen it before and still enjoyed it this time around  .. personally i think it should be in the highly recommended section instead of  “american pie ,the wedding” there is no accounting for some peoples taste ..