before and after

if you have followed my blog you will know that a few years ago I had a weight problem and I went to a weight loss agent ;Jenny Craig.. Because of “Jenny Craig” I am who I am today and will always be in debt to them… as with all companies involved in weight loss they take a before and after photo of you; I said to my consultant ,after I had lost my access weight, that I should have taken a before and after of my fridge because that was the most impressive change .. this is a photo of my fridge today…



a bean obsession

I have an obsession with beans, natures little good guys, and I’m always looking for new ways to cook them; finding good recipes can be difficult .. most books only deal with the usual baked or refried but this book has 100 recipes from “Lemon Coconut Chickpea Muffins” to “Sloppy Buffalo Beans”
This book “The Great Vegan Bean Book” by Kathy Hester is superb and has now become my new bible..


pumpkin and bacon quiche, Robin Hobb, wild flowers and the wheat belt

it has been some time and a lot has happened, new job, new home and a new outlook on life..i have move closer to the city centre; and with this there are more things to see and do . i am spending more time on my motorbike riding into town  finding amazing cafe’s for lunch and a read, a lot easier on a motorbike, as well as seeing more of the country side around perth . one thing i have discovered there is plenty of country side to see . yesterday we rode into the wheat belt (7 hours ride)  for a look .

i now have a reserve at just up the road, this is a good place to go running as it is in the hills overlooking perth, awesome views of the city and at this time of the year the wild flowers are out…. 

my new teapot

this is my new teapot … it is cast iron so it holds the heat …. looks cool…. if you are into tea you will know that a tea pot is a very important part of the process .. i have been looking for the perfect pot for many years , now i have found it…..

wharf/water and sheep’s head pie

i went down south to busselton for a drive and a look around .. busselton is 2 hours south of here ( as is the way in australia its a straight road) . i went to see if i like it and maybe move there. busselton is known for its wharf , 2 kilometres long, and beaches… it was impressive; i am now actively seeking work there.. long white sand beaches ,azure blue skies , cobalt blue seas and a wharf that is perfect to fish from.. this was just the beginning; southward down the coast get better .. i must find work down there and look around some more……  so where does the sheep’s head pie come into all this?  i was reading the book i was given for christmas (Londoner’s Larder by Annette Hope) and it mentions sheep’s head pie but does not give a recipe for it ,so i am looking for one and will take suggestions……..