I have decided that my adventure in Australia must come to an end .. I have no deadline yet as I have loose ends to tie up… I have started to pack as this is something that needs to be done and doesn’t affect life to much and can be left to lie when it gets too out of control.. tonight it got too much . so I turned to the sketch pad.. I like this, there are parts that I don’t like but I’ll keep picking away at it….



lounge lizzard / cockatoos / infidels and a sketch

well I have been busy this week as I have entered a 12 km fun run a
so I’m in training .. as I went down the road for my nightly run , last evening, the black cockatoos came out ; as I ran down the road they flew from tree to tree just in front of me and as I came to a clearing they swooped down at me and then off into the distance.. they are so cool..
I have discovered I have a lounge lizard living with me , its a house gecko, I haven’t been able to get a photo of it yet but I found one on the net and as you can see from this photo they are the best thing to have around…
I have got a new record “infidels” by Bob Dylan .. I must be showing my age as I remember it coming out, I first got it on tape.. and while all this is going I tried my hand at I sketch..



another trip into town

hopefully my last trip to the dentist today and all seems well .. I stoped for a coffee on the way home at one of the coolest cafés in town , my idea of cool , the tiger café .. covered in out door area grunge type seating etc , just a cool place to sit and read …….


another afternoon in town

had to go into town Monday afternoon to see my dentist again , this will not be the last trip as I have one more visit this week .. after living in Australia for a few years I have started to see beyond the dry baron landscape . some of the plant life is amazing; the blood wood trees are aptly named as they bleed blood red sap on to the ground .. the gum trees with bark that looks like army camouflage.. paper bark trees with soft bark that seems out of place in such a harsh land.. every now and then I find something as cool as this seed that I found at the train station in town , I think it is from a fire tree…


a weekend from hell

well I had a shocking weekend ,it all started on Friday night.. I needed to send some money back to my bank in new Zealand , much to my disappointment the exchange rate was almost one to one , it’s usually one to one twenty five but the new Zealand economy is strong and so is the dollar .. after that little surprise I collected my mail and the registration on my motorcycle was due , money that needed but I had sent it all home .. the worst was yet to come , I got a nice present from the dept. of transport ; a speeding fine .. not much I can do about that , do the crime pay the fine.. after all that excitement; my denture plate broke; all weekend waiting to get them fixed . as usual after every dip there is a rise , I went into town to pick up my new plate this afternoon , a warm afternoon sitting at an outdoor café drinking coffee and watching the world go by…..


black cockatoo

the black cockatoo is an endangered bird .. I live in the Perth foot hills and a flock of black cockatoo live in and around this area . they have distinctive red bands on their tail feathers.. As I was going for my walk tonight the flock were in the trees by the road and took flight as I passed , they were so close I could have touched them.. an awesome sight……..


inner city

Perth’s inner city is in the middle of a revamp .. the main train station is nearing an end and is so much easier to use.. the riverside project is under way ; this will create a bay with a shopping, café type precinct on the river’s edge. with all this going on the use of art to cover the unsightly is more common , my only critique is more should be done….