bob dylan

while I was in town on Saturday I looked into a small record store that I have been into a few times; they have a good sale bin. the record I found is , I think , bobs best.. the opening track “gotta serve somebody” is timeless and bobs voice is still young , awesome!



old dog new trick

a day off yesterday so I went to find a sound system for my crash helmet .. everywhere I went all I heard was Bluetooth and I have not had anything to do with Bluetooth and didn’t want to know ; I’m an old dog and this trick seemed like to much hard work.. in the end I had to get it as there is nothing else available … it took me two minutes to connect; now I have phone/GPS and sounds……. 005

52 years ago

i was born 52 years ago today . born in a time when chubby checker was doing the twist, ben-hur was number one at the box office, percy faith was topping the charts with the theme from “a summer place” and we were heading into space (some of us were already there , LSD was still legal)……..

all that is now

the dark side

all that is gone

all that’s to come

and every thing under the sun is in tune

but the sun is eclipsed by the moon……

:Roger walters:

i was thirteen when i first heard those lyrics and i still love them…

 i have just added this album to my vinyl collection…..


as some of you will know i am a Rolling Stones fan as well as a reborn vinyl diehard… this path can only lead to “Exile on Main Street” … today i went to my favorite record shop (The Musicbox,heretaunga street Hastings …a must visit if you are ever in this part of the world ) and picked up a copy .. as with all the Rolling Stone records that i buy i paid a premium and got an excellent recording….

the boys , plying their trade
a young guy having a good time

the $ 1 box

as i said in yesterday’s blog  , i went shopping for second-hand records .. while i was looking through the $1 box i found an old record by bachman . turner overdrive ( recorded in 1974 ) … this record was the first album i got into , at 14 years old hearing this album made me understand what music was all about.. so as well as listening to elton john ( captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy )yesterday i was whisked back to my youth and i was not disappointed.. it was so good i played it twice…..