winter is approching

with winter coming, the days are getting colder and today is the is the frist real cold snap we have had.. having worked the weekend i have taken the day off. sitting inside a warm house while the weather turns bad is awesome , i am a cold weather person. i plan to spend the day with hot drinks and a book and listening to the rain on the roof .. in my pile of books i have a Robert Burns book of poems  , it is an old book and it is my favorite, it has an inscription inside dated 1910 and the copyright 1892…..

the wintry west extends his blast,

and hail and rain does blaw;

or the stormy north sends driving forth

the blind sleet and  snaw:

while , tumbling brown , the burn comes down,

and roars frae bank to brae;

and bird and beast in covert rest,

and pass the heartless day.

…….Robert Burns…..

a gift
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a year of blogging

one year of blogging …………  here are the many faces of  morporc

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emissions trading act

the emissions trading act comes into force today..  i’m am stunned to hear the Labour Party pouring scorn on it saying that it is talking money from us and will negate our tax cuts… how short is their memory? … it’s not that long ago that they , the Labour Party , used celebrities such as kisha castel-hughes and lucy lawless to promote their scheme that would take more money from our household budgets without the benefits of tax cuts.. what pissed me off at the time was these celebrities could afford the estimated $40 a week ! .. to rub salt into the wound at the time of the promotion castel-hughes flew over to france to an opening of a film she had acted in.. if she was that concerned she would not have flown half way around the would to see a film she had already seen…. everyone in power is dodging the important issue , where is the money that is being collected going ? no one seems to be telling us this..


 Robert burns once said in a song ” last May a braw wooer can down the lang glen , and sair wi’ his love he did deave me”  and i have absolutely no idea what he is on  …spell check  shows nothing wrong… it shows how our language has changed in the last 250 years . but reading more of him  it also shows how little it has changed as well , like this…’twas in that place o’ Scotland’s isle , that bears the name o’ auld king coil , upon a bonny day in june….etc……the more i read of Robbie the more i like him

robert burns

a few years ago i came across a robert burns book simply called burns.. it has an embossed suede cover and an inscription in the inside cover, in the most beautiful hand writing i’ve seen, dated 24 april 1910.. this is one of my most favorite books  and it is in good condition…. over the years i have read bits and pieces from it ….this is one that i like……

Fair Empress of the Poet’s soul,

And Queen of Poetesses;

Clarinda, take this little boon,

This humble pair of glasses.


And fill them high with generous juice,

As generous your mind;

And pledge me in the generous toast-

“The whole of human kind!”


“To those who love us !” – second fill;

But not to those whom we love;

Lest we love those who love us not!

A third-“to thee and me, Love!”


Long may we live! long may we love,

And long may we be happy!

And may we never want a glass

Well charg’d with generous nappy!

a good day

out of the bleakness of existence i stumbled across your path

in that instance the mist that clings to life’s mountains lifted

and showed a future i have dreamt…………………………………………..