a weekend from hell

well I had a shocking weekend ,it all started on Friday night.. I needed to send some money back to my bank in new Zealand , much to my disappointment the exchange rate was almost one to one , it’s usually one to one twenty five but the new Zealand economy is strong and so is the dollar .. after that little surprise I collected my mail and the registration on my motorcycle was due , money that needed but I had sent it all home .. the worst was yet to come , I got a nice present from the dept. of transport ; a speeding fine .. not much I can do about that , do the crime pay the fine.. after all that excitement; my denture plate broke; all weekend waiting to get them fixed . as usual after every dip there is a rise , I went into town to pick up my new plate this afternoon , a warm afternoon sitting at an outdoor café drinking coffee and watching the world go by…..



australia day weekend

this is the big weekend in Australia and it looks like the weather will be kind , it’s been a hot week, night-time temperatures have been in the mid to high 20ies and in the day time, mid to high 30ies needless to say the air con has been going nonstop .. bush fires have flared up all over the state so what better way to celebrate aussy day; fireworks lets see if we can burn the place to the ground .. there are something’s about Australia that astound me , the fire works display will be on a barge at sea but they are warning people on the water front about the dangers of falling debris from the display , what about the danger to the dry vegetation?.. another aspect to aussy life is the shark attacks. there have been ten people killed in the last ten years . now some people and the state government want to take the great white shark off the endangered list so thy can eradicate them …. all of this is done to the background of an anti whaling protest …. all I can say is, if you don’t want to be eaten by a shark is don’t swim in shark infested waters looking like a seal ….. well I hope we all survive the weekend
and now this painting of mine has become my favourite , its a copy from one I found on the internet….


inner city

Perth’s inner city is in the middle of a revamp .. the main train station is nearing an end and is so much easier to use.. the riverside project is under way ; this will create a bay with a shopping, café type precinct on the river’s edge. with all this going on the use of art to cover the unsightly is more common , my only critique is more should be done….


street art

one thing I hate about cities is tagging; it has no artistic appeal at all.. if you wish people to know your name through art try something more original than writing your name on a wall with a spray can. there are true graffiti artist and I have posted photos on this blog of some amazing work . I have found that Perth is a city that has the taggers under control, it is a custodial offence, so most of the graffiti is an asset to the city. this encourages street art .. always changing always new always interesting ….




a bean obsession

I have an obsession with beans, natures little good guys, and I’m always looking for new ways to cook them; finding good recipes can be difficult .. most books only deal with the usual baked or refried but this book has 100 recipes from “Lemon Coconut Chickpea Muffins” to “Sloppy Buffalo Beans”
This book “The Great Vegan Bean Book” by Kathy Hester is superb and has now become my new bible..