arise sir mark

well done mark todd ..five olympic medals, first one in 1984 fifth one yesterday, you are a true olympian …


fairy terns

when i was last in perth i was staying at safety bay and on the foreshore there is an area where terns nest . there three different kind; the one that i like are the fairy terns . these little guys are smaller than the common sparrow . i went down to the nesting area to see them today ; i found them in big numbers which is good as the area is popular for watersports . here are some photos


horse of the year

at this time every year the hawkes bay is over run with Horse of the Year .. Hastings is turned into camp city as people from all over the country and australia come to show and compete with their horses.. horse floats start arriving a few days before the event and there is something exciting about watching the build up to the five-day event , here are some photos .. the little ones are cool….

horse of the year
ready to go
full house
the little guys
the big guys
lurking on the infamous grassy knoll
hangin with mates
Mister Ed come for a look

rugby league


this weekend saw the kiwi rugby league team beat the australian team … they are a hard team to beat so we are a little bit happy this side of the tasman.  we have a saying here that compares the three codes , rugby union , rugby league and australian rules.

it goes like this — rugby union is a thugs game played by gentlemen

                             — australian rules is a gentleman’s game played by thugs

                             — rugby league is a thugs game played by thugs

this proved to be true , but what a spectacle , the kiwis chanced their arm in the last-minute and snatched victory…..


those who know me know , know that i’m a bulldog supporter …Sony Boy Williams has been a thorn in my side ever since he broke his contract with the dogs … now that he has made the AB’s i look forward to seeing  his skills again ..                                                               all is forgiven , play well mate……


weekend tramp

i spent the long weekend in auckland …. we went for a tramp up to the wairere waterfall … what an awesome place … here are the photos

ready to start
crossing the river/stream
the walk up
the steps up
wairere waterfall
georgia and morporc
mike and georgia at the top
the tramping party
over the edge
lunch at the top