across the Canning bridge

took the train into town on sunday. i got off at the Canning bridge stop to walk beside the river and have a look around.. with awesome views of perth c.b.d. this part of town will get exployed more as there is to much to see on one walk.. the Canning bridge it self is amazing as it is made of jarra (hardwood) logs . i didn’t take photos of the top side ,next time…


rockingham lakes

with very little to do over the christmas break i went for a walk around one of the rockingham lakes. not like the lakes in new zealand it was more like a salt flat . to one side there used to be a bombing range . i was there to see if i could see a snake in the wild , this didn’t happen , next time maybe..


i had my first tramp this spring, i went up to shine falls . i have blogged about shine falls before  and it’s a good warm up tramp , a plesant walk in and this time i jogged out .. shine falls are at the north end of a reserve known as the inland island .. there is a 6 hour return tramp into the reserve; i was going to do it this weekend but the rain put a stop to that so i will have to post photos later

shine falls

my new life

well its been some time since my last blog and it’s my new life to blame.. with summer coming up i’ll be out and about so i’ll try to post a few blogs with the tramps i’ll be going on; as walking is my new obsession…

old life -- new life


it was such an awesome autumn day on sunday that i went for a walk around the wetland … there are several in this area .. i visited  two ,one coastal and the other inland.. the inland one ,Pekapeka, is being restored and will have walkway access as the photos will show … the coastal also has walkways but i didn’t get that far around it ,i’ll do that another day …….

i love these coastal trees