black cockatoo

the black cockatoo is an endangered bird .. I live in the Perth foot hills and a flock of black cockatoo live in and around this area . they have distinctive red bands on their tail feathers.. As I was going for my walk tonight the flock were in the trees by the road and took flight as I passed , they were so close I could have touched them.. an awesome sight……..



a ride through the wheat belt


I took my bike for a ride to Esperance; this took me through the wheat belt.. A seven hour ride; it was amazing to be on roads that were straight for 30+ kms.. Esperance is a coastal town with a port to transport wheat.. I spent two days there, Christmas and boxing day, being a tourist.. the bike went well and was a pleasure to ride





pumpkin and bacon quiche, Robin Hobb, wild flowers and the wheat belt

it has been some time and a lot has happened, new job, new home and a new outlook on life..i have move closer to the city centre; and with this there are more things to see and do . i am spending more time on my motorbike riding into town  finding amazing cafe’s for lunch and a read, a lot easier on a motorbike, as well as seeing more of the country side around perth . one thing i have discovered there is plenty of country side to see . yesterday we rode into the wheat belt (7 hours ride)  for a look .

i now have a reserve at just up the road, this is a good place to go running as it is in the hills overlooking perth, awesome views of the city and at this time of the year the wild flowers are out…. 

out and about

i haven’t had photo processing for some time so i haven’t taken any photos .. i have remedied  this so when i was out and about i took a few photos .. in my travels i found these shoes how they are in the photo .. while i was taking the photo a woman passing asked if i had set it up .. no