the dams

As the spring weather improves I have been getting out and about. There are lots of dams around Perth, these are catchment dams the city.. I find these are good places to hike, one of the past times I enjoyed in New Zealand, so with a tank full of gas I headed out into the hills . I had an awesome time,  saw lots of wildlife but they were far to quick for me to photograph.  I saw my first wedge tail eagle.. All ‘n’ all a great day…. DSC_0152DSC_0159DSC_0158


new shoes

As part of my injury management and recovery I have had some inserts made for my shoes, these shoes were the root cause of my injury, and I need to break them in.. Sunday was a wet day so no major walks,runs or rides were possible so I went site seeing out to the local dams, the idea was to get out and about in the fresh air and short walks in between rain showers; this would allow me to break in my inserts..  I didn’t get to wet and had an awesome time… DSC_0132DSC_0136


I have been fixated with Facebook of late at the expense of my blog I will try to remedy this..

I have started running  for recreation and this has taken over my life,  in a good way.. With a minor injury at the moment I have had to find other forms of exercise so I turned to cycling. This has improved my cardio and added verify into my program….

serendipity / life imitating art and Wayfarers

many years ago I was invited to a party in Masterton , it was the first meeting of the serendipity club , formed by Ros, and from that moment on serendipity has played a big part in my life.. and this is has become more apparent as I get older.. the night we made the pact we all chose a glass balball , which I still carry with me , and still hold in high regard.. while I was painting , I decided that I was unhappy with what I was painting so I took a paper towel and whipped the canvas down; and this gave me a smooth surface and has made the application of paint easer ..Serendipity..
my latest record is “building perfect beast” by don Henley and I love the line from “the boys of summer”…… “you got that hair slicked backed and those Wayfarers on, baby” … well I don’t have “ray ban Wayfarers” but the style continues today with “tommies” so here is my latest with my hair slicked back and my Tommies on…….. and the serendipity balball …. 012


A new year ; a new start

I have  started  my new year on a positive  note,  this  being my first  blog  from my phone,  I got hit with a virus  on my computer  and with the help of goggle  and my phone  I removed  it.  The more I use my phone  the more I become  dependent on it.  l have  no new year resolutions; I don’t need to loose weight  or give up smoking these are tasks  I have  successfully completed.  so this  year I’m just enjoying  the new start  to the year


I was in a small town south of here working for a few days and during a break I went out to my car; on the side of my car was a spider about the size of the bottom of a coke can.. I called the other worker over , he is not a local ether, and as he took a photo the spider ran across the boot (trunk) of my car and then to my horror slipped into the boot (trunk) through the gap even though it was closed!!! not knowing what kind of spider if is I googled it and found it on a site naming the ten most deadliest spiders in Australia , but all is well, it is harmless ; its size tends to frighten people and they ether have a heart attack or if they are in a car drive off the road… I have since found out that this is there breading season and it may have young in the boot (trunk)of my car…. I’m happy knowing they wont bite me…